End of an era

A few months ago, Jon and I left SlideShare / LinkedIn, while Amit left more recently. The time had come to move on – SlideShare was thriving within LinkedIn and I knew that it could continue to thrive without me. As a founder, the thing I wanted the most was to build something that lasted.

Six month after my leaving, SlideShare continues to do well within LinkedIn. And I am confident that will continue to be the case. I am proud of the team we built – and how it continues to go from strength to strength from a product / growth perspective, while adapting within LinkedIn. I enjoyed my time at LinkedIn, after the acquisition. Unlike many founders who face a very turbulent time after acquisition – I made good friends and learnt a lot about how bigger companies work. I especially enjoyed working with Deep and Jeff. I learnt a lot about product management from Deep and its a pleasure to watch a leader like Jeff in action – he is a remarkable leader, much loved at LinkedIn. But at the end of the day I am a startup person. Also, I was feeling the itch to do something new (after taking a break). What next? Right now, I don’t know and I am in no rush to know. We never took a real vacation during the 8 years of SlideShare and I am enjoying time with my twin boys. I had not realized how much I needed a break, and how much I had been postponing everything else. I have been meaning to write this post since the day I left, but kept getting busy with other things. I am dabbling in a project or two and have made a couple of investments. I am also enjoying being an observer of the technology world from somehow of a distance. You learn a lot, away from the hype, just watching people around you, what technology they use and what they don’t.. Expect to see some blog posts soon!

6 thoughts on “End of an era

  1. Rashmi, It was great working with you, Jon and the Slideshare team. All the best for your “next play”.

  2. best of luck rashmi nd help me to success my project on Sunglass any five company.. plz help to complete my project..!!

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