I like to understand people. I like to create things. I love working in a startup. I did a PhD, then got bored with working in the lab and moved to creating software. I live in San Francisco with my husband. We go hiking, watch too many movies, and don’t listen to enough music. I am originally from India and think of both San Francisco and Delhi as home. I want to travel to South America next.

I hate writing in the third person, but am not above doing it when needed. If I am speaking at your conference, grab bios and pics from here.

Short bio

Rashmi Sinha is a designer and entrepreneur. She is confounder & CEO for SlideShare, the best place to share your presentations on the web.

Rashmi believes that good software comes from a true collaboration between developers and designers. Her background is social software & interface design. She did a Phd from Brown University and researched search engines & recommender systems at UC Berkeley. Deciding that she wanted to build products, she cofounded Uzanto which did design consulting during the day and built MindCanvas (online games meet online surveys) at night! Her appetite for products was whetted and SlideShare is her next venture.

Rashmi blogs about the social web at http://www.rashmisinha.com. She speaks frequently at conferences like FOWA, SXSW & WebVisions. For her next career, she wants to write a book about strange things people do on social websites.

Longer bio
Rashmi Sinha is a designer, researcher and entrepreneur. Rashmi has a PhD in Cognitive NeuroPsychology from Brown University in 1998. After moving to UC Berkeley for a PostDoc, she fell in love with the web, and realized that many issues that web technologists think about are problems of human psychology. She worked on search interfaces & recommender systems but Information School. Deciding that she enjoyed practical problems more, she co-founded Uzanto, a user experience consulting company and worked on projects for companies like eBay, Blue Shield, AAA etc. Her first foray into products was with MindCanvas (a game-like software for customer research) released in November 2005.

Rashmi writes about social software and entrepreneurship at her blog – http://www.rashmisinha.com. She is involved in the HCI community, was one of the founding members of the Information Architecture Society, and co-chairs the monthly BayCHI talk series.

At SlideShare, she focuses on design, community and business. If you really want her attention, then post a comment on her slidespace!



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490 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Rashmi,

    I am one of the many users of your creation . Kudos on this idea it is indeed very resourceful and helpful.


    Rajesh DN

  2. Hi Rashmi,

    i have recently come to know about slideshare and you too to a very small extent.

    hope i will get to know u more and ur different ventures

    i pray, God bless u in all ur ventures



  3. Hi Reshmi,

    I have recently downloaded some excellent presentation on Enterprise Architecture. I have found the site very resourceful.

    Sanjeeb Bose
    Kolkata, India

  4. Hi Reshmi,

    I’m so glad i came across this site, it’s such fun to search for things you like – i love india sights (fell in love with india from one visit)and i did find great pic presentations from india.

    Noam Slonim .

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  6. Dear Rashmi,

    I have got problem on Slideshare my account has been temporarily suspended and i did not do anything against Slideshare Community polices and terms and conditions i miss my friends a lot i have very strong association with each of them i drop many requests to solve this problem but still my account is suspended.
    I request you to do me a favor to solve my problem thanks a lot
    Tanveer Iqbal

  7. Hi,

    Slideshare is a great idea. I have recommended the site to several people in the last few weeks.

    As a product manager myself i appreciate the simplicity of navigation and the clear sense of purpose the site has.

    Congratulations, i think slideshare has all the ingredients for a successful web product and business.

    Best Regards

    Rajiv Malhotra
    Head of Product & Marketing
    Gigafone Technologies

  8. Hi Rashmi,
    I found out about slideshare sometimes in March of 2008. I did not know that you were founder of this craetive venture.
    I found your name in The Fast Company Magazine of this month. Now, I know.
    I will post my slides that I have collected over 20 yrs in my work.
    Thanks for giving this platform for sharing knowledge.

    • I actually do think you have penned a number of genuinely appealing issues here. Not many people would probably really ponder about some of these factors specifically in the manner you just did. I’m truly amazed to find out that there is truly much more about this specific topic that you just discussed. Many thanks for writing about this. It is greatly appreciated.

    • I’ve been meaning to research as well as read more related to this particular theme though I simply just never had the opportunity. And so thank you a lot for writing about this. This is a major issue I’m very much interested in. I am grateful I found your post. You’re an exceptional blog writer, likely one of the finest I’ve found. Your webpage has really a good deal of ideas and I am really discovering a whole lot from it. Thank you for sharing this stuff. You’re amazing!

  9. hi ma’am..

    this is a true expression for one’s passion..!! amazing thought..!! i love slideshare.. !! its really resourcefull in many ways.!!

    keep it up..!! m sure u must be working on something beyond as well.. do share that too..!!

    thanks and regards

  10. Good job Rashmi

    Pls call if u ever happen to be in DUbai


    Will definitely meet (if recession allows me 2 stay here longer)

    or better ….. in Bay area … the next time I am in us


  11. Hi Rashmi,

    I came across SlideShare while browsing through jobs on joelonsoftware.com. I must add that you guys are doing a great and innovative job. Read through a few of your blogs and they were quite informative. I applied to SlideShare just yesterday. I would love to be part of such a cool team. Could you give me some suggestions to improve? I am graduating this May and I do not want my lack of “real world working experience” to deter my chances. What kind of projects should I do so that I can compete with the rest. I am a real hard worker and I know I can finish a project if I take up one. Starting with a right one is the issue. Any help on that end would be appreciated. Thanks! :)

  12. Thanks! We found your site very valuable.

    Please don’t confuse our RSS with the political party RSS. Consider checking out our site and let us know if we could list your RSS feed. Thanks.

  13. Dear Rashmi,

    I am very glad to know about slideshare. It is simply wonderful.

    I have uploaded a slideshow. http://www.slideshare.net/maxshield/secureplus.

    We are looking for marketing associates all over the country for promotion of our products,


    Looking forward to have a fruitful and win-win partnership with you.

    with regards

    Kishore Kumar Pilla
    MaxShield Corporation
    Hand Phone: 09392102153

  14. Proper utilization of software in huge corporations is still a distant dream. Companies invest a lot on web,telephony,help desk and other tools to eradicate manual work but still most of the software installed is rarely used..

    The dream of paperless office is still far..Its just most companies dont care about proper implementations but just love to dump the software and forget..

    What really pisses me off is that most corporates just blindly buy software without evaluating..Sharepoint is just used and most of the features are never looked into and staff is usually burdened with learning too many softwares and eventually they get bored and just dont want to use any thing..

    Some thing unique needs to be created to solve this mess..

  15. Hi Rashmi,
    I read about you in rediff.It was so inspiring.
    Thanks again.
    Yeah regarding slideshare..I am looking forward to use it ..I will use it soon and give you the feedback..
    Till then Rock on

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  17. hi reshma
    im a journalist from hyderabad
    when u r free. plese call back
    i want ur interview for my telugu paper.

  18. “… is a designer and entrepreneur. She is coNfounder (cofounder) & CEO for….”

    confounding means bringing something to ruin, obsolete… maybe she is playing with the words…

  19. I saw about you in news about getting you in 10 most beautiful CEO’s in playboy . Keep it up and wish you good luck for going above. All the best. Venkat

  20. Hi Rashmi,
    I was using Slideshare for quite some time, but rescently came to know that I share the same birthplace as the CEO of the Slide Share. So Like Vikas Swaroop..who after authoring “Q&A”, made a mark now its you. Both of you have brought Allahabad on world’s map. My heartiest congrats to you for creating such a wonderful platform for sharing knowledge and taking the ‘global-village’ concept , astep further.

    Anshuman Anand

  21. Hi Rashmi, congratulations on being listed as one of the sexiest CEOs of AMerica. You are indeed beautiful and sexy.

  22. Hi Rashmi,

    Congratulations for becoming the sexiest American CEO award by Play Boy magzine. I am very proud of you since you are from India. I am a tour operator based in Jaipur, Rajasthan and Delhi. we plan the trip to India.

    We all Indian are very proud on your success. You are the true leader of the world.

    May you go places in your life.

    With best wishes,


  23. Dear Rashmi,

    I have no idea what you have done but i am wishing you for your appearance as one of top 10 CEOs.

    Actually if you have some thing in mind in which you can involve me either in India or USA, that will be great as my business with USA has become Zero in last two years in Garments and I am desperately looking for some business proposal or job for survival.

    hope you wl do something for me.

    my id is jyoti@svjindia.com and number is +919810063449

    Bye/ Jyoti

  24. Hello Rashmi
    I work in the search marketing industry as an Account Director and found slideshare offering me a world of knowedge…U are an inspiration to women around the world like me and keep the good work up…its great to see what u have created…

  25. Dear Rashmi,

    Read about you and your acievements in the recent issue of SPAN.Congratures for your innovative enterpriseof slideshare.
    Would you inform me how can we make use of the slideshare for making the powerpoint presentations of academic nature and teaching more effective.
    vinod nautiyal

  26. Hi Rashmi,

    I am one of the very many users of your wonderful creation. Thanks to you, the business world has become a better & less complicated place

    All the best


  27. Dear Rashmi Ji,

    I joined the Slideshare website today only. I found it very very useful.

    I appreciates your efforts.

    I am a practicing as Chartered Accountant for the last five year at Delhi.

    Warm Regards


  28. Hi!

    I came across your blog while googling for a solution to associating file types (.doc, .xls, etc) with a Star Office install on my Asus Eee PC.

    I was keen on your actual verdict on MS Office versus Star Office which you have given a link on your December 2002 blog entry.

    Unfortunately clicking on “Read More” gives a 404 error.

    Read about Slideshare earlier in tech news but gotto check it only now.

    COOL! :)))

    Wonder about the long gap after December 2002 in between your blogging entries. Hmmm…. ;)

    Take care,


  29. Hi Rashmi,

    I am one of the many users of your creation . Kudos on this idea it is indeed very resourceful and helpful. I am intersted to be u r India contact.I am a MBA from USA & a HR professional with varied Industries experience.
    Gautam Chaudhury

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  30. I accidentally accses this page. I like very much .
    Your idea about your hystory of succes is great. Congratulations.
    Kind regards

    Flavio Freitas
    Electronic Engenier for Steel Industry
    Gerdau Group
    Fortaleza City
    Ceará- Brazil

  31. Hello Rashmi,

    This is Yiying Lu. I created the image of Twitter’s Fail Whale used as their site down icon: http://www.whatisfailwhale.info

    Friend of mine sent your tweet to me a while ago http://twitter.com/rashmi/status/1906282889
    about a good “site down” message

    If you are still interested I’m happy to hear from you.

    Yiying Lu | Illustration, Graphic Design & Art Direction

    +61 425 208 780
    LinkedIn Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/yiyinglu
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/yiyinglu

  32. Hi Rashmi, Didnt know that Slideshare is the baby of a women entrepreneur.Great to know this , congratulations.

    We are also a social initiative run by women for women.Gharkamai.com is a portal connecting stay-at-home qualified women professionals with businesses hiring professionals for their freelance,part time, work from home or project based work .We enable women to take up projects completely working from home or with minimal onsite presence.It is a free to use portal for both employers and job seekers.Please do visit us.Thanks,Aarti

  33. Hello,

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  35. Dear Rashmi

    Awesome website “SlideShare”. It feels very proud to see so much creative ideas and efforts for mankind from persons like you.

    Given these comments after spending ONLY 2 MINUTES on your website.
    I could not control congratulating you before using your website :-)

  36. Dear Rashmi’s

    It is wonderful that you started and am a successful entrepreneur. One of my clients is in Michigan, the other day I told a woman here that I thought this state would come back more powerful because of the struggle. Unlike San Francisco and other states this one has been hit extremely hard. Not so much the auto industry but the collective counscienous. A lack of hope and one of constant awe in a deer in the headlights kind of way. Over and over however, I see a strenght from the heart because of the overwhelming belief in God. It makes me cry in a way that looking at Haiti makes me cry. Not sure where this is all going but wanted to reach out to you and hope that it will help you make your company have a collective ability to give love and peace and hope. Thank you for your ideas.

  37. Hello Rashmi,

    I like the concept of SlideShare to share the presentations on the web. Moreover, Rashmi, its good to know about your bio and the interesting part was that you fell in love with the web.

    I’ve started our own blog in Jul 2008 with the simple concept of research and analysis on the Indian Economy. Since then, my approach towards my blog has changed and I decided to set up my own website to offer the services and to help students on the Economy and Finance. I really understand the potential of web and how we can make a difference by just investing a very short time. Today, I receives emails not only from the students around the world however the corporate too. It really encourages me to do even more and expand our reach.

    Wish you best of luck and get success your in vision.



  38. Hello Rashmi, I’m a new follower of your site and blog. It’s great and very easy to use.

    I really like your article on how to face the competition and on women leadership.

    Have a wonderful day ! and keep up the great work !


  39. Thanks Rashmi for the slide share. Just now downloaded a wonderful presentation regarding the 90/10 principle by Stephen Covey..

  40. Hello Rashmi,

    A great company from a great CEO :) Slideshare rocks.

    I have MS degree in computer science from US university and now I want to gain some knowledge in human-commuter interface design
    short-term (6 to 9 months) courses. I saw you have background in this area. So could you suggest some school, preferably in California (if not, then other state), where I can enroll for such courses?

    Looking forward for your reply.

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  42. Hi Vimmi
    Can you recall Hindusthan park anymore? Looking for all old friends…..
    So happy to find you on facebook….want to findall of u.How is Gudiya, Lovie,Chotu Aunty Uncle…….Feeling great to see to as the sexiest CEO!!!!
    Lots of luv

  43. Dear Rashmi,

    I am an old user (userid: jaaaspal / theotherhome) of SlideShare and has uploaded many documents on your side. I used to visit slideshare atleast 3-4 times a day but after the restructuring of the website….it is damn slow and lot of disconnection happens…now it takes 3-4 trial to upload a single file. Now a days, i visit the site only after 4-5 days and that is also for very less time….i think there is a need to check the functioning of the site…i felt that it is now losing its core usp – user friendly…I really like this site so just thought to share with you some of the issues…


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  45. Very inspiring for aspiring guy like me who wants to do PHd and get into product development! People like you and the behind the scene bios is what really motivates me to move on and achieve what i really wish to do :)
    thanks a lot !! :)

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  49. Hi,

    I am Ravindra, pursuing MBA @ SP Jain center for Management. I am doing a research project on Freemium Business Model. We are analyzing (working on to find) necessary factors that made some of the applications which worked on Freemium model, successful. We would like to know your perspective on the same. Can you help us by giving your contact id, please?


  50. I really enjoy the insightful info you share in your side, altogether with the knowledge that you are a successful entrepreneur (Slideshare) and a great woman, keeps making me coming back for more.


  51. HI, Rashmi
    Nice to see you,
    I am Ali from india, I am a Graphics Designer, i have over 10 years of experience in the area. Today have download some information regarding on H/w & Networking, it’s really very useful for beginner thanks for that.
    And am going to start Computer institute for designing as DTP. So i need the information regarding on this sort, so plz send my some information how to start.


  52. hi Rashmi,

    There is a small typo in your bio. It reads “she is confounder”. I don’t think it is such a big thing but I thought I would alarm you as it may sometimes takes sheen out of a super impressive profile like yours.

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  54. Hi Rashmi, I have recently started using Slideshare Pro. I just uploaded my Slideshare Presentation – “Atmio landing pages for mobile ads”. URL is http://www.slideshare.net/rbaliga/atmio-landing-pages-for-mobile-ads

    In less than 24 hrs it’s had about 11,000 views, which is phenomenal! I love your software and every penny I have spent for it is totally worth it!
    I have a very important question – I am trying to figure out how these viewers are able to find my Presentations. Is it by searching a tag or a keyword in the title in Slideshare? Where is the traffic to my Slideshare coming from? I looked at my Analytics – Referring URLs show Slideshare Nos to be 2841 and Direct (No info) 48. That does not even add up to 11,000.
    Thanks a bunch for your help in figuring this out!

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  56. Rashmi,

    I’m doing some research on automated tagging and came across your blog on cognative tagging but when I followed the link the page wasn’t found. Do you know when you published it?

    Sara Estes Cohen

  57. Rashmi,
    I have tried almost unrelentingly to get a hold of a representative from your company. Here is why: A power-point presentation I made for a small class of people at a university somehow found its way onto your website and the entire internet, without me knowing until a couple months ago.

    Is this part of your corporations mission, to embarrass and disrespect someones work by sharing presentations without the consent of the author?

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    Thanks for giving such a wonderful website to the world. I wish all the success in this endeavour.


  62. Hello Rashmi Sinha,
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