Jensen Harris at BayCHI tomorrow

Jensen Harris who writes a great blog about the new user interface for Office 12 will be at BayCHI tomorrow, talking about the new “ribbon UI” and other interface changes for Office 12. He promises to provide an indepth look at the what and why of the new interface.

There are many who have critiqued the tyranny of nested menus. In my opinion, the ribbon UI is the most promising proposal for what should replace nested menus.

BayCHI Decemeber talk: Jensen Harris on the new Office ribbon UI

In case you had not heard, Microsoft is making some major changes to the Office UI. Among other changes, they are moving away from nested menus and introducing a concept called the Ribbon UI. Jensen Harris from Microsoft User Experience team who writes a popular blog on the topic will be the speaker at the December BayCHI meeting.

The November BayCHI meeting should be great as well with Alan Cooper (of Inmates are running the asylum fame) and Philip Greenspun.

BayCHI panel on User Research on October 11th

cognitive analysis of taggingFor the next BayCHI panel we are focusing on User Research – or the initial understanding of the user – their needs, mental models, preferences, the usage context – leading upto the product conceptualization.

We have a great set of panelists who work in User Research at four Bay Area companies. Their experiences cover a broad range of products and markets. Panelists are Klaus Kaasgaard, Senior Director of User Experience at Yahoo!, Christian Rohrer, Director of User Experience Research at eBay, Sheryl Ehrlich, Senior User Research Manager at Adobe Systems, and Kaaren Hanson Director of User Experience at Intuit. I will be moderating this panel.

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BayCHI talk today: Doug Kaye & Dan Klass on Podcasting

Interested in podcasting? Love IT Conversations? Come by to BayCHI tonight to hear Doug Kaye (from IT Conversations) and Dan Klass (from Bitterist Pill) talk about Podcasting.

Doug Kaye will talk about IT Conversations and whether podcasting is a Media Evolution or a Media Revolution. Dan Klass will speak about the entire range of issues he’s faced in becoming a widely reviewed podcaster.

As usual, the program will be at 7.30 PM, at PARC, Palo Alto. There is still time to let us know if you can join us for dinner before the talk at Chu Chu’s in Los Altos.

BayCHI talks as podcasts

baychiWe just started releasing the talks as Podcasts. I was going to wait till we have more podcasts online before writing about it, but it was mentioned this morning in New York Times article on Podcasting (Steve Williams, the BayCHI volunteer who did a lot of work for making this happen, is quoted at the bottom of the article.) So, now that the whole world know…

There are 5 talks currently available – Steve is painstakingly working through our years of talks (thanks Steve!)…

-July 12th, 05
Scott Weiss: Mobile Media Download Usability: The Experience Running A Large-Scale Comparative Study

Paul Braund: Information and Communications Technologies Development at the Edge of the Network Society

-June 14, 05

Milton Chen: Experiments in Desktop Videoconferencing

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BayCHI panel about Web 2.0

Every few months, I muster the energy to organize a full fledged panel for BayCHI. August is one of those months. And this time the topic is – “Are you ready for Web 2.0?”.

If you are in the Bay area, come by to PARC on August 9th. We sometimes have a packed house for the more popular events, so arrive early to make sure you get a seat.

Currently I have confirmations from Stewart Butterfield (Flickr/Yahoo); David Sifry from Technorati; and Paul Rademacher from There might be one or two more additions to the panel.

Update (7/24/05): Thomas Vanderwal of PersonalInfoCloud will also be joining us.

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BayCHI event: Evan Williams and Milton Chen

For the June BayCHI program meeting, we will focus on the mass amateurization of publishing and communications technology, with speakers Evan Williams (currently of Odeo), and Milton Chen of VSee lab. Evan will talk about creation tools for regular people while Milton will talk about how video conferencing can become ubiquitous.

It should be an interesting evening. Come by on the 14th of June, 7.30 PM., to PARC, Palo Alto.

BayCHI panel on “Recent Innovations in Search”

The search field is heating up again. There have been a spate of innovations and acquisitions by various search companies. Particularly exciting have been innovations in Local Search, Desktop Search, Maps, and Image finding.

I will be moderating a panel at BayCHI on this very topic on April 12th. Panelists include John Battell of SearchBlog, Udi Manber CEO of A9, and Rahul Lahiri VP, Product Management for Ask Jeeves.

I am talking to two more panelists. Look forward to an announcement soon.