Why I have not been using GoogleWifi

Google modem vendor
GoogleWifi modem vendor (we used
to be in same office building)
Its hard to be in Mountain View and not to constantly feel the presence of Google. Everytime I go out to dinner, we can count at least 3-4 people wearing Google shirts. Google does usability testing at my favorite cafe (Dana Street Roasting House). Many of my friends work for Google. And now, everytime I look at avalable wireless networks, I see “GoogleWifi”. I have not actually used it myself – its not because I did not try. I tried – from several places in Mountain View. Even reached the wifi registration page a few times. But the connection is not strong enough. Not even from the coffee shop (Dana Stree cafe). Also, I have been using Live555 (a free wireless provider) for a while at Dana Street, so feel a certain loyalty towards them.

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Mountain View to get free wi-fi (courtesy Google)!

So the city I live and work in is going to get free wi-fi from Google. Google had made this proposal a while back. The Mountain View city Council just approved the deal. So, by June we might have city-wide free wi-fi. (As a note, between the planned NASA campus and free wi-fi, Google is increasingly making its presence felt in Mountain View).

Apparently, Google already has a test center for their wi-fi at Kapp’s Pizza Bar & Grill on Castro Street in Mountain View. IMO, a better choice would be Dana Street Cafe. Its really the best place to get a cup of coffee and hang-out in this area (its also right next to our office!). They already have free wi-fi (courtesy Live555), but the connection can be spotty. If I did not have to charge up my laptop periodically, I would probably never leave (weirdly they don’t let you power up, even though they have free wifi).