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I have been giving talks for 10 years since my PhD. Earlier I used to give talks on search interfaces and recommender systems. Then I gave talks on designing great websites. Now, I talk about marketing and social media.

So you want to do a startup

Make your app social

Office 2.0 and the social life of documents

Tagging from personal to social

Fast, cheap and somewhat in control

Designing for social sharing

62 thoughts on “My speaking page

    • Rashmi, thank you so much for sharing all of this incredible content! This is exactly what I have been looking for, and I can’t wait to begin implementing these strategies.

      You’re awesome.

  1. Rashmi,

    I am one of those fools who sacrifised a very lucrative career in technology to follow my dream of setting up a successful enterprise.

    I think i have failed terribly. I am still running my company but with little success. Please visit my website at and tell me if i am even dreaming right. I have learnt some lessons from your slide shows, but it would be my honor to talk to you either by mail or phone. Please acknowledge.

  2. Love slideshare and the concept of what Office2.0 looks like. It is the youtube of PowerPoint. The whole notion is based on redefining what to do with original content and intellectual property. It is about sharing the unique idea on the web and then letting the wisdom of crowds prevail.

  3. Rashmi,
    I was shocked to see you in the news for something which I think you never thought in your dream to be tagged as one of sexiest american CEOs. I went to google and searched for your photographs and having seen them i confirmed that its U. How are things there? I am in IDBI bank since 1993. I met Didi at Noida lastw eek (Babita). send ur personal id.

  4. Hi,
    Let me say you bravo, for all the good things that you have done. thats simply marvelous !!

    I was wondering, if you could share some of your knowledge and experience with me, or with everybody out there on this blog, on a certain topic.

    “Business side of the website ventures” or say monitisation of website ventures.

    I am a hardcore techi and can only blink on such issues :-)
    A little i know about the business side of websites is from the google ads and some other ads, but , i don’t feel that only these ads can make the difference, or fulfill the appetite of entrepreneurs like you. There has to be something bigger, more interesting ……. but what is that ? i am clueless !! completely :-)

    It will be really my pleasure, if you could share your ideas on this.

    wish you all the best in your current and next projects.

  5. 2-20-10
    Hi Rashmi, Thanks for reading my presentation 414 days ago: Rashmi Sinha favorited Too Young To Be Old! Final 414 days ago. Well, I am a family doctor in Glendale, Ca and would like to become a Public speaker like you. Maybe you can give me couple tips how to start. Like to sign with some Speaker Buro or to make new wb site. Please help, and thanks for reviewing my presentation, and there are 4 more. Nice Hello from Mike, and I am originally from Serbia, and I read a book that my people came from India, so maybe we are relatives :) Mike

  6. I’d like to interview you on my blog, What Women Make ( – a site dedicated to female creativity and thought leadership. Would you be interested? Short q&a via email?

    Let me know! I love slideshare.


  7. Hi Rashmi,

    I was lucky enough to bump into your blog and found some hope for PhDs who preach usability especially the ones who come from a non-computer science background. I am a recent graduate of Information Sciences field and was starting to lose hope on companies that ignore non-computer scientists who talk of design of systems. Coming from India, I thought at least in the US people would understand the importance of UCD. It seems to me that it is more or less tough game everywhere. However, my dream is to evangelize usability around the world. You give me much hope.


  8. Hello Rashmi, I am about to launch a website to reach physicians (and their staff)who practice in small and medium sized practices how to survive working in an EMR and achieve meaningful use. I came across your website and I like your ideas on start up. Do you have any advice on reaching this audience- I am a practicing physician working in a digital office and I teach medical informatics. I am a heavy email user, dabble in facebook and linked in but have not been a blogger due to the obvious -lack of time. I would be interested in speaking with you if you are willing. Thank you for considering Stasia Kahn MD

  9. Hello Rashmi,
    This is Donna Rickles, I’m one of the photo editors here at The Daily Beast in NYC. We are doing a piece on the top ten female Internet entrepreneurs, and would like to include you on our list. I was hoping you could send me a hi-res photo of yourself to run with the piece. Please let me know, and feel free to reach out with any questions – thanks again!

    Donna Rickles

  10. Dear Rashmi,

    I just opened an account with SlideShare. But the slideshow I want to download, won’t work. It is “Brain Rules for Presenters”. Can you help me to download it please?

    Thank you


  11. Hi
    I hope you remember me, I think I have taken some classes from you in Ald long time back, I am Shanku younger brother to Anoop friend of Samit bhaiya, I am based in Delhi now, working for Deutsche Bank..
    Just to say hi!!
    You have created a wonderful platform(slideshare)…this is awesome & very helpful.
    Shrinkhal Chandra

  12. Hi Rashmi
    I am from Delhi, Just completed my MBA from IIPM. I went through slideshare, Must say its a great concept and doing really well. Just wanted to appreciate your work. All the best and keep up the good work.
    You are an inspiration to me(Also becoz we share same name). I wish to become like you (just started my career though).
    I have recently launched my website. I would really appreciate if you could visit my website and make suggestions. Would love to be your friend.

  13. Social Media Summit 2010
    Virtue Insight ( ) is organising “Social Media Summit 2010” on 20th October 2010 in Mumbai, India. In case you might be interested to participate as a delegate or sponsor for this event, please email me at for full conference agenda.

    The delegate price for 1 day event is INR 7000+tax per person. In case you are looking for sponsorship options please let me have your number and we can connect to discuss it further.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Darsh Gupta
    +91 4423770517

  14. I am organizing a startup event in the southeast united states next spring and curious what if woyld take to get you to come put here?

  15. HI Rashmi,

    I’ve been helped by many slides on many a occasion on It was a big surprise to find a fellow Indian being the brains behind this thingy. Congrats on your achievement and all the best for your future !


  16. Hi Rashmi,
    I hope this note finds you in great spirits.
    We are welcoming speakers for our 2nd Annual Celebrate You Women Entrepreneurs Summit to be held at Lake Isle Country Club in Eastchester, New York on March 31, 2012 and would like to invite you to take a look at our speaker’s package.

    With a mission of connecting, supporting, educating and celebrating smart women entrepreneurs with a focus on achieving positive results we would be delighted to connect with you and share more information.

    Looking forward to speaking with you.

    With kind regards,
    Michelle Christie
    info [at] macswomen [dot] [com]

  17. Dear Mrs. Sinha, I am using this media to try to contact you directly and let you know that, website which you own and manage is publishing unlawful and highly inappropriate material which I hope can be soon removed as it is breaking U.S and International laws. Thank you for contacting me urgently to be able to explain you this shocking situation.

  18. Hello Rashmi,
    I left a lucrative Career with IBM just to venture into a startup business which went terribly wrong and I lost all the money I invested now I need some support. I have indeed learnt a lesson nothing in life comes easy and learning it the hard way but it is good that I have started to acknowledge the fact that I need to be really responsible for that one wrong decision but now I wish to join Slideshare please if I can have the pleasure to assist Slide share or help you in any ways please let me know I am also from Lucknow by the way and that too from Gomtinagar. Look forward to your response on
    Best Wishes for this new year.

  19. we detect that stolen documents beloging to our company are published on please be so kind and send me a contact that will allow to fix this issue without involving the pólice.

  20. I received an email from Slideshare today and not only did you get my email from somewhere but you adressed me in the email by referencing a password that i use. I find this astounding, obviously in a negative way. Please let me know how this could happen.

  21. Dear Rashmi,

    My organisation has noted that there are 2 set of powerpoint presentations are not to be uploaded on Slideshare due to intellectual property rights and confidentiality matter. I would like to drop you an email to explain the matter, Appreciate if you can share with me your email address through Linkedin (

    We have also contacted the person who is mentioned in the powerpoint slides to have the powerpoint deck taken down from his Linkedin Profile.

    Thank you.

    Wendy Chang
    IDA International Pte Ltd
    Head, Human Resources

  22. Hi Rashmi
    I really liked you idea for the Mind Canvas , however the link to site is not working, I agree with your GEMs approach , this is what I thought as well for my idea … without knowing MindCanvas …. give me your email as I think I have very work able idea to use this concept and combine it with our habit of using the smart phones even while driving at times !!

  23. Hi Rashmidi,

    I was your junior at GHS and remember you being the trailblazer even back then. I have recently started using slide share, and what a wonderful tool you have created…Mrs Rai (Ms Agarwal back then) always used to say you were one brilliant kid. She was right, as usual.

    I was reading one of your piece, and found it interesting that you don’t go for a sale….there are times it does work, no catch. And I’m just not speaking about shopping.

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  26. Hi Rashmi – do you still do speaking gigs? I’d love to talk to you about Hustle Con – it’s an annual conference focused teaching entrepreneurs how to start and grow a company using non-technical tactics.

  27. Ma’am you are an inspirational figure for the women in India and around the globe. I’m from Cummins College of Engineering for Women, Nagpur as a final year student and also working as Chief Editor of our College Magazine. We through our magazine would like to interview you and share your story and motivate the women of our country.
    Will be very honored and thankful if you could reply us some way.

    – Radhika Gyani

  28. Dear Mrs. Rashmi Sinha,

    I hope this message finds you in the best of your spirits. We, at TEDxDTU are honoured to invite you to speak at TEDxDTU 2016 to be held on 18th April, 2016 at Delhi Technological University (DTU), Delhi. The theme for the event is – Deconstructing Perceptions, Reconstructing Identities.

    TEDxDTU is an independently organized event organized in consultation with TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design), a celebrated global conference, organized by the non-profit Sapling Foundation, with the motto of ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’. One of the most dynamic and celebrated events of the city, TEDxDTU 2016 promises to be an enlightening and enriching experience.

    Our goal is to explore unity in diversity, kindle the minds of the youth, enable them to ideate and enter constructive peaceful dialogue, to nurture scientific thought and development in technology, to foster new ideas and innovations, and to promote equality, freedom and secularism in society. Moreover, it is our effort to bring talented people across all fields to collaborate and thus, TEDxDTU provides a premium platform for you to showcase your ideas.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

    Angad Grover
    Curator | TEDxDTU
    +91-8860865760 | +91-8800543271

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